Hang drill

Why is the hang drill so important?

Stunts like an elevator / a half, a trophy, a full up, a basket toss, a liberty etc. are all build up on the hang drill. So if you make sure that your athletes really master the hang drill it will set their foundation for almost every other up coming stunt.

Explanation of the hang drill


Bases will stand in front of each other with their feet shoulder-width apart, their knees slightly bended, a straight back and their hands right under their belly buttons. Make sure their arms are really tight. The distance of the two bases is about the shoulder-width of the flyer


The flyer will jump into the hands of their bases and hold his own weight with completely straight arms on the shoulders of their bases. Make sure that the flyer has shoulders, knees and toes in a straight line and their feet closed.


The back will help the flyer by grabbing her waist and lifting her into the hang drill. Make sure that he grabs the ankles of the flyer with a tight grip that keeps the feet of the flyer together, as soon as she is in the hang drill position.


All of the explanations, techniques and drills of this post are learned and developed by my own experiences as a coach and years of working with other great coaches from around the world. Everything you use from these techniques, explanations or drills is at your own risk.

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